NCT vs Baker County Recap

Nature Coast’s Shemar Lawson returns the opening kick.

Nature Coast’s first drive  featured the rushing of Mike Weston and culminated in a 1 yard score by ,1, Fabian Burnett. 

The extra point was missed by Mateo Rivera after a high snap with 8:41 showing in the fitrst quarter NCT 6- BC 0

Despite good defensive effort by Nature Coast , Baker County’s first drive also scored, adding the 2 point conversion at 3:30 of the first quarter, NCT 6- BC 8

At 1:13 of the first quarter,. Fabian Burnett executed a 31 yard flea flicker to Shemar Lawson. NCT converted for 2 points NCT 14-BC 8. Baker County scored again in the second quarter to regain the lead after another successful 2 point conversion:NCT 14 – BC 16. Baker County had another opportunity to score late in the first half but time ran out with the ball inside the two yard line. NCT 14- BC 16 at halftime.

Both defenses stiffened in the second half with no scoring untll 12 seconds left in the game. Nature Coast employed a bend but no break defense while Baker County seemed to have the Sharks running game stymied for most of the second half.

On Nature Coast’s second to last possession the offense looked to have regained their form , two consecutive first downs while running the football put the Coast in Baker territory. Again, however the Wildcat defense stiffened and Nature Coast faced a fourth and eleven situation that became fourth and sixteen after an offsides call. Head Coach cory Johns called up a handoff from Fabian Burnett to Mike Weston, who than lateraled to Shemar Lawson.


Lawson looked to have an open receiver but a Baker County defensive back jumped the route and intercepted the ball with 3:23 remaining in the game. NCT had only one time out left so one more Baker County first down might have ended the contest without Nature Coast getting another try. That first down never came. After stopping three consecutive runs Baker County needed to punt on fourth down Nature Coast used their final timeout at 1:16, the punt crossed out of bounds at the Nature Coast 20.

On the next play Fabian Burnett found Shemar Lawson streaking down the visiting sideline behind the defense , only a game saving tackle kept Lawson from scoring. The play resulted in a 65-yard pass and run that put the Sharks on the five-ard line with 52 seconds remaining. Two run plays later Nature Coast had to spike the ball with 12 seconds left in the game.

Head Coach Cory Johns sent out the field goal unit for a potential game-winning kick.

Mateo Rivera made good on the decision. NCT 17- BC 16 0:08

After the kick Baker County had one more play with one second left , starting at their own 43, Dedric Hall took the snap looked for a receiver then pulled the ball down to attempt a last=ditch run, he got tracked down on the near sideline.

Final Score Nature Coast 17 – Baker County 16

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